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The Marquise Cut Diamond Rivière Necklace

Fancy marquise shaped white diamonds with 18K white gold set in the perfect way to reveal the uniqueness and distinctive appearance as the one who wears them.

Impressive White Diamond Necklace

Blooming with the alluring flower shape, this necklace cherishes the fine and passionate design featuring 18k and white diamonds as a symbol of happiness and joy.

Fancy White Diamond Necklace

This 18k white gold necklace features shinny round white diamonds giving the woman who wears it a generous sign of attention and glam.

Elegant White Diamond Necklace

Reflecting the majestic beauty of nature, this 18k white gold necklace features bright round white diamonds creating a timeless and feminine style .

Floral white Diamond Set

Meant to sparkle with eternal glow, the precious floral necklace and earrings are crafted with the finest marquise-cut white diamonds and embraced by an 18k entourage to add distinction, brilliance and luminescence to any occasion.

Classic Diamond Illusion Necklace

An elegant and classic design that enhances the brightness of the beautifully set white diamond illusions in an 18k white gold entourage. A classic design with high shine and elegant brilliance.