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The timeless Rivière Diamond Necklace

For an ultimate beauty and a never-ending glimmer, this stunning necklace will take your jewelry game to the next level, featuring shinny round white diamonds in a gradient form and 18k gold mounting.

Lovely White Diamond Necklace

Delicate and precious, this 18k white gold necklace dazzled with round white diamonds is appropriate for almost any occasion.

Shinny Braided Diamond Necklace

Guaranteed to captivate, this unique 18k white gold necklace shines with fine white round diamonds, braided in the most iconic way that tells a tale of a thousand and one amazing emotions.

Alluring White Diamond Necklace

Adding a glamorous touch to your outfit, this 18k white gold necklace features round white diamonds for an infinite brilliance and endless sparkling possibilities.

Gorgeous White Diamond Necklace

Whatever your style and is, this distinctive 18k gold necklace with marquise white diamonds is imbued with elegance to satisfy all the tastes.

Distinctive Two Tone White Diamond Necklace

The blend of the 18k white and pink gold gives both value and brilliance to the round white diamonds, making this necklace a true masterpiece.