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Magnificent Emerald & Diamond Yellow Ring

18k yellow gold mounting settled with a special radiant cut emerald stone, surrounded by fancy round white diamonds.

Cartier Lighter

Amazing unique 18k gold lighter Cartier.

Patek Philippe Watch

a special and classy 18k gold Patek Philippe pocket watch

Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Amazing unique 18k white gold tennis with white round diamonds.

Diamond Bangle

18k white gold bangle with white diamonds.

White Bangle

the 18k white gold bangle with white diamonds, it is one of the three white, yellow, and pink bangles collection.

Yellow Bangle

18k yellow gold bangle with white round diamonds, it is one of the three yellow, white and pink bangles collection

Pink Bangle

18k pink gold bangle with amazing white round diamonds, it is one of the three white, yellow, and pink bangle collection.

D1 Milano Vintage

Inspired by the classic watches of the 70's, the Vintage Limited Edition features an embellished take on our Ultra-Thin watch, with a two-tone bracelet & case.

Floral white Diamond Set

Meant to sparkle with eternal glow, the precious floral necklace and earrings are crafted with the finest marquise-cut white diamonds and embraced by an 18k entourage to add distinction, brilliance and luminescence to any occasion.

Beautiful Diamond Alliance Ring

Elegant 18k white gold ring with white round diamonds essential for everyday life.

Simple Ruby & Diamond Ring

18k white gold ring featuring lovely oval cut ruby stone, surrounded by perfectly set white diamonds.

Ana La Habibi W Habibi Eli - JRS Handmade Jewelry Collection

One of our favorite 18k yellow gold half matte half shiny bracelet. From the handmade JRS Collection by Rachid Soutou.

D1 Milano Ultra Thin 40mm (Stainless Steel)

Details count on this classic modern. The Ultra Thin 40mm case, only 6mm thick and fitted with a new stainless steel bracelet, is something you don't want to take away.
Joud Soutou Jewelry Spring 2019 Collection