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Terms and Conditions

Last updated: July 15, 2017


When you visit this website, you are agreeing on respecting the below mentioned Terms and Conditions. We wish that you read them carefully. In case you do not agree on these Terms and Conditions, please don’t enter this website or take information or services from it, thus, you are not allowed to deal with it.

The following terminologies will have specific meanings unless provided otherwise in the text.

The Website: Which means the website related to Soutou Jewelries known as:, and

The Products: The displayed items such as jewelries, watches, gold, diamond and all kinds of gemstones, drawings, pictures and logos. 

The User: The visitor or the buyer


First: All the products and their pictures along with the displayed jewelries are protected as per the Lebanese and International Laws. It is prohibited to imitate or copy the afore mentioned products, their logo or the website’s address as it is protected by Law and legally registered in the Lebanese Ministry of Economy under number 170076.

Second: The website’s User is not allowed to copy the pictures, items, jewelries and all the products related to the website so that he/she displays them on another website, as this is a violation of the Intellectual Property.

Third: In case this website contains bulletin boards and rooms or any other facility related to messages and chat rooms, the user agrees not to use them unless he/she wants to send and receive messages and appropriate materials related to the website and its subject. For example, when using the website, the user agrees not to do the following:

a)      Defame and harm others or bother them, chase them, threat them or violate their legal rights (such as the right to respect privacies and advertisements)

b)      Diffuse any material or information thatdefames or violates privacies or any other bad or illegal information, in addition to stating or diffusing them.

c)      Copy, transfer or assemble files containing software or any other material protected by the Individual Intellectual Property Laws (or the rights to respect privacies and advertisements) if the user doesn’t have or control the related rights or if he doesn’t have the necessary approval for this purpose required by the Law.

d)      Copy, transfer or assemble falsified files or ones containing viruses or any software or other similar programs that might harm another computer’s functioning.

e)      Counterfeit the software’s source or any other material available in the copied file.

f)       Advertise or offer to sell any product or service, or carry out evaluation surveys and competitions, send serial messages or download any file published by another user from any forum. The user knows or should know that he cannot legally distribute any file in this way.


The user acknowledges that doing any of the aforementioned things related to this Article will expose him to legal prosecution by the website’s owners.

Fourth: Contrary to any agreement done between the website or any other party, the products that are sold by this website cannot be exchanged by the buyer.

Fifth: The website is the supplier of any product that you buy, unless you were told the contrary.

The price that you pay for the products is the same price mentioned on the website at the time of purchase. The price of the displayed items mentioned in the website does not include delivery fees or specific tax.

If the payment is done by credit card, the user should pay for everything that he buys from the website before delivery.

If the payment is done upon delivery, the user should pay for everything that he buys from the website upon delivery or upon receipt of the product.

Sixth: The user is entitled to examine the displayed products upon delivery according to the time and date agreed upon, he shall also be entitled to cancel the purchased order before receiving it, provided that he assumes liability of the transport and delivery fees in addition to the difference between the price on the website when buying and the one specified once the cancellation is done. This price is specified by the International Gold Market.

The receipt of the sold products by the buyer means that the latter accepted them. After that, he has no right to protest by saying that they do not match with the specifications that he ordered or that were displayed on the website.

The buyer is entitled to cancel the order before delivery only if he informed the website, by sending an email to the following address: [email protected]

Seventh: In case the buyer was not found at the mentioned address and on the specified delivery date, the website returns the products and keep them in Soutou Company – Zgharta - North Lebanon Branch, more specifically at Joud Soutou Stores – Kfarhata Main road – Ground Floor, until the buyer asks for them within one year from the delivery date.

Eight: If the user does not pay within the specified time or if the payment was refused or if he was unable to pay, the purchase will be cancelled.

The website can refuse to execute the purchase if it was deemed suspicious, and return the paid amounts to the buyer. The website has full authority to determine these operations.

Ninth: The website is not responsible for any fraud or counterfeit that affects the user, his money or his credit cards.

Tenth: The acceptance to use this website and its conditions indicates that the user has waived all his legal and illegal rights resulted from his use of this website. He also waives his right to take legal action against the website in case there was a dispute resulted from any purchase operation on this website.

Eleventh: The website is not responsible for the amendments of the products’ prices considering that they are not final, especially that the price of the displayed items is subject to change according to the International Gold Market prices.

Twelfth: This website complies with the Lebanese Laws and the ones mentioned in the international conventions signed by Lebanon. All the operations that are done through it are subject to the Lebanese Law, furthermore, the Lebanese courts are entitled to look into any litigation regardless of the place where the sold products should be delivered and the buyer’s ID.

Thirteenth: These Terms and Conditions can be modified by the website at any time, this latter has the absolute right to establish them, add or modify them completely or partially in addition to phrase, add, delete or modify any document, information or other content of the website.

Fourteenth: The user undertakes not to breach the Laws and Rules applied to this website and not to use it as a cover for illegal and suspicious works.

Fifteenth: By checking and using the website or by getting any service, you accept to acquit and defend us, in addition to excluding us from any damage resulting from any responsibility, losses, claims or payments, even if they were in the form of fees to a lawyer, for any breach of this agreement or website. The Acquittance applies to all of our partners, lawyers and affiliated companies.

The use of this website and the risk that it contains are the responsibility of the user that accepts to  compensate us and exclude us from any harm caused by any loss, responsibility, procedure, delict, conflict, cost, claim, damage (including direct and indirect damages that are private or not), or any other procedure related to the use of this website.

Sixteenth: The services or information that the website provides are given “as they are” and “as per their availability”, therefore, the website won’t be in any way responsible for any damage including direct or indirect damages, private or random ones, losses or resultant expenses related to this website, its use or the inability to use it from any party or anything related to a failure in the performance, mistake, forgetfulness, failure or delay in activation or due to viruses, lines or systems failures , or if this was due to a breach of this agreement, guarantees or responsibility related to the services.

Seventeenth: This website might include links for other websites that are managed and owned by other parties (external websites). These links are presented in order to facilitate things to you, our website is not responsible for the contents of the external websites. They pledge that Soutou Jewelries is not responsible for the information or contents of the external websites. You should call the responsible or controller of these external websites if you have any doubt regarding them or regarding their contents and if you decide to visit any of the third party’s websites, you can do so on your own responsibility.

Eighteenth: The website holds the right to suspend or terminate your visit generally or partially in any time and for any reason without previous notice or responsibility. The company can change, suspend or stop any of the website’s parts at any time, in addition to the availability of any feature or database or any content of the website without previous notice or responsibility.

Nineteenth: The website or its employers don’t bear any responsibility for any damages, direct or indirect losses, punitive, emergency or accessory damages (including but not limited to emergency and accessory  damages, loss of profit, damages caused by loss of data or cessation of work) that arise from the use of the website or its content or the inability to check sales offers or anything related to them whether they were based on guarantee, agreement or tort (including carelessness) or any other legal theory.

Twentieth: The website owns, unless provided otherwise, an approved license of copyright in addition to the rights of intellectual property provided in this website or its content, including but not limited to all texts, pictures or links. All the products’ names and trade names in addition to services’ names or special logos or texts or other general texts (for example all capital letters), (are mentioned as “marks”) or trademarks, are the property of Joud Soutou Jewelry or has a license for it, unless provided otherwise. The marks available in the website are subject to the protection of the Lebanese Laws and other countries, furthermore, these marks cannot be used without a previous written authorization from Joud Soutou Jewelry.


Privacy Policy:

The Privacy Policy is applicable to all personal data and the ones offered to us (user data) by our website (“site”). This privacy policy was set in order to enhance your trust regarding the privacy and authenticity of your personal information.

First: The website includes links to other sites, especially concerning the payment and completing the purchase operation, here too we are not responsible for the content of those sites, the accuracy of their information, the troubles caused by them, intrusion or their performance.

Furthermore, the other related sites are not subject to supervision from our behalf regarding the accuracy or the information or their containment. The addition of a link to the website that leads to any other site does not mean our consent on that site. So if you wish to visit any other website from our website that will be on your own responsibility.

Second: Our use of your information is subject to our privacy policy but in case of suspicion or upon the request of the concerned authorities, the website can provide them with its users’ names and all their information.

Once you enter the user information, you accept that your user details be kept wether by us or by a company’s services which is a third party that process these information on our behalf.

We are authorized to use the user information according to the articles of the privacy policy for the following purposes:

-          Doing market researches including statistical analysis related to the user attitude that we can display to a third party as a whole and not on a personal basis.

-          Enabling us to meet all the legally required requirements.

-          Sending you periodic messages (that include an email) regarding characteristics, products, services and special offers.


We are authorized to give your user details to a third party:

-          So that the third party sends you periodic messages regarding characteristics, products, services and special offers.

-          If we bought or sold stocks or products, in this case we have the right to give your user information to the potential buyer or seller of such products or belongings.

-          In case a third party has all or part of our stock, then the user information that you provided to us or to the third party will be part of the stock given to them.

-          In case we were obliged to share your user information in order to apply our terms and conditions and protect our rights, property, safety and clients or other users.


We might disclose your user information to any company that belongs to us and that might have our affiliated and holding companies wherever they were located and for any reason.

Third: These Terms and Conditions will be applied on the user when each purchase or website registration is done or when you confirm that you have read and approved all the Terms and Conditions.

Fourth: We update our Privacy Policy from time to time, therefore you should review it periodically. Furthermore, by visiting the website you agree on the Privacy Policy applied by then.

We maintain our right to update the Privacy Policy at any time.

Fifth: You are able, whenever you want, to withdraw your approval on receiving periodic messages regarding characteristics, products and services by clicking on the link “cancel registration” in the messages that we send you.

Please note that we won’t display the user information to a third party so that they send you direct marketing messages without your previous consent.

Sixth: Text Files (Cookies)

You should know that it is possible to collect information and data automatically by using cookies. The cookies are small text files by which essential  information that the website uses are stored in order to specify the frequent use of the website such as restoring your ID if registered before. We might use these information for attitude follow up and collection of the whole data in order to enhance the website, target advertisements and assess public effectiveness for such advertisements.

These files are not included within your operating system and do not harm your files. If you prefer not to collect information by using text files, you can follow a simple step by most browsers that enable you to refuse the feature of downloading text files.

Seventh: Protecting you user information

Unfortunately, sending data through internet is unguaranteed. Due to our full commitment to protect your user information, we cannot guarantee the safety of sending your user information to the website. Any sent data, including your user information, are at your own responsibility.

Eighth: The website knows the standards of laws, regulations, ethics and international notions and uses safe applications in order to protect the user information from any illegal breach or misuse. Thus, when using the user information, we apply these standards and security procedures in order to prevent illegal access to the user information.


* This privacy policy does not cover moving to a third party’s website


Contact us

For more information, or for any comment on this policy, please reach us at:

[email protected]

Phone Number: 00961-6-666612

Mobile Number: 00961-81-716176

You can reach us at the above mentioned email address if your personal information were not correct or were incomplete or If you need to change any marketing reference, or for more information or to make a claim or recommendation regarding the privacy policy, we will try to call you immediately.