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Divine Sapphire & Diamond Ring

Brilliant 18k white gold ring dazzled with white diamonds and sapphires for an attractive look.

Dreamy Diamond Twins Rings

These 18k white gold solitaire and alliance rings are dazzled with a perfect mixture of round, princess, and marquise cut white diamonds set in wonderful harmony.

Eccentric Diamond Cross & Ruby Necklace

18k white gold necklace dazzled with white diamond that brings forward a shinny oval cut ruby stone. This necklace captures sentimental feelings so it would be worn with pride.

Eccentric White Diamond Necklace

A magnificent array of pure round white diamonds in an 18k white gold entourage, an exquisite necklace that bursts with radiance and shares no equal.

Elegant Black Star Diamond Necklace

This simple, elegant design is the perfect piece for an every day look, made of 18K pink gold dazzled with black round cut diamonds.

Elegant Dallago Black Diamond Ring

On-trend enameled 18k pink gold featuring brilliant white diamond and black diamond stones for an example of jewelry making at its finest.

Elegant Diamond Solitaire Ring

18k white gold ring featuring a stunning white stone in the middle and a perfectly dazzled row of small round white diamonds.

Elegant emerald cut Illusion Diamond Necklace

18k white gold pendant mixed with white round and emerald cut diamonds for an outstanding look.

Elegant Pear Ruby & Diamond Ring

The perfect pear shape ruby stone just in the middle of an 18k white gold ring dazzled with white diamonds.

Elegant Pinky Square Diamond Ring

This 18k yellow gold ring with white diamonds truly proofs that beauty comes in all shapes.

Elegant Ruby & Diamond Butterfly Necklace

18k white gold chain with a white gold butterfly pendant dazzled with round rubies and white diamonds.

Elegant Ruby Diamond Earrings

A dazzling pear of diamond flower earrings. Designed in 18k gold with round brilliant diamonds and genuine ruby gemstone, for pierced ears.

Elegant Sapphire & Diamond Cross Necklace

Classy 18k white gold pendant with round white diamonds and sapphire stones

Elegant Sapphire & Diamond Ring

A shimmering shaft of light emerges from the white diamonds to contrast the glorious darkness of the round cut sapphire stone that mounts an 18k white gold ring.

Elegant Sapphire & Diamond Ring

Very elegant and classy 18k white gold ring mounted with white diamonds and an astonishing round sapphire on the top.

Elegant Tall Rectangle Diamond Necklace

The necklace is a poetic contrast between black and white round cut diamonds with 18k pink gold chain.

Elegant White Diamond & Emerald Tear Necklace

18K yellow gold pendant with shinny white diamonds centered by a pear cut emerald stone for a perfect interpretation of nature's greenery.

Elegant White Diamond Necklace

Reveal your personal style with this 18k white gold necklace and white diamonds.

Elegant White Diamond Necklace

Reflecting the majestic beauty of nature, this 18k white gold necklace features bright round white diamonds creating a timeless and feminine style .

Elegant White Diamond Necklace

Perfect for a daily glam, this 18k white gold necklace shines with marquise and pear shaped white diamonds.

Enchanting Ruby & Diamond Butterfly Necklace

18K white gold pendant with marquise cut white diamonds and ruby stones that will make all your fairy-tales come true.

Enchanting Ruby Flower & Diamond Necklace

Beautiful 18k pink gold necklace with pear shaped rubies and a white diamond stone. This necklace will become your every day favorite.

Enchanting White Diamond Necklace

This necklace shines with timeless elegance, made of 18K white gold mounting and dazzled with stunning white diamond illusions.

Engaging Diamond Illusion Twins Rings

Elegant 18k white gold twins made of a white round diamonds alliance and a diamond illusion solitaire ring to make a harmonious duets.

Engaging Diamond Star Necklace

Shine bright with this 18k white gold necklace, star shaped and dazzled with round white diamonds.