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Engaging Pear Sapphire & Diamond Necklace

18k white gold necklace with white diamonds centered by a pear cut sapphire stone making a stunning finishing touch.

Engaging Square Diamond Necklace

Sweet 18k pink gold necklace, square shaped and dazzled with the shinny white tapers diamonds.

Engaging White Diamond & Emerald Necklace

A brilliant oval cut emerald stone takes stage of this 18k white gold necklace with a gorgeous baguette and round cut entourage.

Eternal Half-Turn Alliance

18k white gold half-turn alliance with white diamonds that guarantees an irresistible appeal.

Exceptional Emerald Cut Diamond Alliance Ring

This 18k white gold ring is a true masterpiece that mirrors the ethereal effect, with a one-of-a-kind assortment of emerald-shaped fancy white diamonds.

Exceptional White Diamond Ring

18k white gold ring with a magnificent array of pure white diamonds.

Exquisite Diamond Solitaire Ring

Fascinating 18k white gold ring with white round diamonds that will take your breath away.

Exquisite Pearl & Diamond Ring

18k white gold ring mounted with white diamonds and an evocative pearl in the middle. Appropriate for almost any occasion, and indispensable in every woman's wardrobe

Exquisite White Diamond Illusion Solitaire Ring

18k white gold ring with baguette and round white diamonds for a real sparkle.

Extraordinary Pink Gold Diamond Ring

18k pink gold ring with round a mixture of pear illusion and emerald cut illusion and round white diamond on the mounting for beauty fantasies.

Eye-Catching Marquise Diamond Ring

18K white gold ring with marquise and brilliant white diamond telling a tale of a thousand and one amazing emotions.

Eye-Catching Pave Diamond & Emerald Necklace

This circle pendant features a majestic oval cut emerald stone centering brilliant baguettes and round white diamonds. The luminous pendant is traced with the finest diamonds, resulting in a modern design made to satisfy every desire.

Fabulous Black Diamond Pinky Ring

18k gold ring settled with black diamonds that expresses the pursuit of true piece of art.

Fabulous White Diamond & Ruby Necklace

18k white gold necklace featuring a pear shaped ruby stone surrounded by shinny white diamonds for an attractive appearance.

Fancy Brown Diamond Pinky Ring

Elegant 18k yellow gold ring mounted with round brown diamonds giving this ring its captivating look.

Fancy Half Diamond Alliance Ring

18k white gold ring with round and baguette diamonds set in the most attractive way to guaranty a sophisticated look.

Fancy Marquise Diamond Flower Ring

A shinny 18k white gold ring with marquise cut white diamonds layered in the most ravishing way.

Fancy White Diamond Necklace

Meant to sparkle with eternal glow, you will definitely make the good choice by wearing this 18k white gold necklace dazzled with round white diamonds.

Fancy White Diamond Necklace

This 18k white gold necklace features shinny round white diamonds giving the woman who wears it a generous sign of attention and glam.

Fascinating Ruby & White Diamond Ring

This 18k pink gold ring is a one-of-a-kind piece, beautifully featuring round white diamonds and rubies.

Floral white Diamond Set

Meant to sparkle with eternal glow, the precious floral necklace and earrings are crafted with the finest marquise-cut white diamonds and embraced by an 18k entourage to add distinction, brilliance and luminescence to any occasion.

Glamorous Diamond Solitaire Ring

18k white gold ring featuring white princess cut diamonds that surrounds a stunning diamond stone.

Glamorous Emerald & Diamond Tear Necklace

18k white gold necklace with pear shaped emerald stone and a shinny entourage of round white diamonds that gives you the majestic appearance you deserve.

Glamorous Red Enameled Pinky Ring

18k pink gold ring with round white diamond so stylish yet so charming.

Gorgeous Diamonds & Genuine Sapphire Ring

A stunning composition of gems meet in this exceptional ring. 18k white gold mounting centered by an oval sapphire stone and precious white diamonds.